December 2016

Participate in the Lipid Analysis Course

Participate in the Lipid Analysis course organized by Mylnefield Lipid Analysis. Annually held in Dundee, this course will take place this year in february.   Fatty Acids and Lipids – Chemistry and Analysis Course (2017) JHL announce that the 2017 “Fatty Acids and Lipids – Chemistry, Biology and Analysis Course”, will take place 23rd – 24th […]

Stroke Guidelines Forum : Download program

Download the preliminary program   WHY A STROKE PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES FORUM? The burden of stroke is of major importance for global public health. In 2013, according to the Global Burden of Disease study, there were 10.3 million new strokes (including 67% of ischaemic strokes [IS], 6.5 million deaths from stroke (51% from IS), […]

Primary Hypertension Guidelines Forum

Register All around the world, many chronic diseases are a burden for health systems and their management still needs to be improved. In most cases, the guidelines that are developed to improve outcome from taking care of hypertension are very academic and have little interest to primary care physicians. However those doctors are, in most […]

Focus on Heart Failure Guidelines Forum®

The 4th edition of the Heart Failure Guidelines Forum® took place in Nice, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th October 2016. This closed workshop was held in collaboration with the Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). More than 22 international guidelines experts gathered together to discuss issues related to Guidelines methodology, development […]