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The burden of stroke is of major importance for global public health. In 2013, according to the Global Burden of Disease study, there were 10.3 million new strokes (including 67% of ischaemic strokes [IS], 6.5 million deaths from stroke (51% from IS), 113 million DALYs due to stroke (58% due to IS) and almost 25.7 million stroke survivors (71% with IS). In the United States, stroke accounted for approximately 1 of every 20 deaths; on average, every 4 minutes, someone died of a stroke. Globally, the proportional contribution of stroke-related DALYs and deaths due to stroke compared to all diseases;

Clinical practice guidelines and associated implementation strategies are essential to promote optimal, evidence-based practices in stroke prevention and management.

The Guidelines Forum on Stroke Prevention and Management aims to gather a multidisciplinary panel of leading international experts to discuss the latest evidence, ongoing research and controversial issues that have implications for the development of clinical practice guidelines.

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