The e-SPACE web-conference on Heart Failure will take place on July 11-14, 2020

Basel, Swittzerland  –  15 May 2020

To enable the international heart failure community to keep abreast with the latest advances in the field, the Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) is proud to announce the 1st Global web-Conference on Heart Failure.
The e-SPACE conference on Heart Failure (HF) will take place in 3 time zones on July 11-14, 2020, and is supported by a number of international cardiology societies and heart failure organizations, including the Sociedad Brasileira de Cardiologia, the Chinese Heart Failure Society, the Heart Failure Association of India, and the Japanese Heart Failure Society, among others. 

With 12 academic 90-minute sessions (comprising a total of 48 talks) each presented twice, and Q&A sessions open to a global audience of thousands of physicians during 24 live panel discussions, e-SPACE HF represents a new generation of medical conferences that aims to be Smart, Patient-centered, Accredited, Collaborative and Educative. 

“Due to the current global COVID-19 crisis, many medical congresses have been cancelled or postponed.  The latest scientific information still needs to be shared with the medical community worldwide. Health outcomes of millions of patients depend upon the implementation of best care approaches and evidence-based management strategies,” states Charles Schoen, TMA director. 

 A new generation of medical conferences developed by the Translational Medicine Academy (TMA)

“We are honored to have the collaboration or endorsement of prestigious medical associations involved in heart failure,” says Stephane Bentolila, strategic advisor. He further states: “Our secure interactive web platform will allow thousands to interact with the leading experts in heart failure selected by the international scientific committee, offering the highest standards of professional education”.
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