About TMA

About the Translational Medicine Academy

Our ambition at the Translational Medicine Academy® (TMA) is to bring medical findings from bench to bedside and into the working lives of physicians and the care of patients. In seeking to improve therapeutic approaches, TMA works with its International Scientific Advisory Board on Critical Mission Areas® of public health importance in domains where there are educational shortcomings among physicians and unmet healthcare needs among patients.

Gathered around a Scientific Advisory Board of experts, the Translational Medicine Academy is an international non-profit Foundation with headquarter in Basel, and offices in Paris, and the USA. TMA’s funding includes private donations from individuals and educational grants from governments, non-governmental organizations and corporations.

TMA Mission

TMA’s mission is to develop translational approaches to Unmet Healthcare Needs for which solutions are unknown or underutilized.

TMA’s mandate is to deliver continuing professional development opportunities to healthcare providers and patient/caregiver/family educational curricula that create meaningful healthcare provider-to-patient dialogue, with the goal of achieving concordance with appropriate treatment plans.

TMA builds its activities around three pillars of actions: building evidence, educating, advocating. It supports translational science through financing opportunities and medical activities, provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs to healthcare providers (e.g. Clinical Controversies®) and organizes state-of-the-art expert Forums to discuss outstanding medical issues and clinical guidelines (Domain Guidelines Forum®).

What is the Translational Medicine Academy?

The Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) offers health providers and members of the general public the convenience of modern interactive tools designed to bring medical findings from bench to bedside and into the working lives of physicians and the care of patients. This two-way system allows community doctors and their patients to submit challenging, real practice, and real life topics to the scrutiny of medical researchers.

TMA aims to match the medical offer to patients’ expectations and to define and certify Best Health Practice through permanent peer-to-peer and professional-to-consumer dialogue.

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