Our primary mission is to develop translational approaches to Unmet Healthcare Needs for which solutions are unknown and/or underutilized.

The TMA uses Evidence Building, Education, and Advocacy Programs to address these needs.

TMA Mandates

  • Support translational science through financing opportunities and medical activities
  • Provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs to healthcare providers (e.g. Clinical Controversies programs)
  • Organize state-of-the-art expert Forums to discuss outstanding medical issues and clinical guidelines
  • Develop advocacy programs through Mission Areas®
  • Provide patients, caregivers and their families with educational curricula and advocacy programs that create meaningful healthcare professional and patient dialogues and concordance with appropriate treatment plans

TMA focuses its activities on Critical Mission Areas ® of high public health importance with significant and documented professional and patient educational gaps.