Heart Failure Guidelines Forum

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Heart Failure Guidelines Forum (HFGF)

Mission Area


  • Many chronic diseases are a burden for health systems worldwide and their management still needs to be improved.
  • In most cases, hypertension guidelines intended to improve outcomes are very academic and of little interest to primary care physicians. Yet in most countries these physicians are the only ones who see hypertensive patients.
  • This results in lack of adherence of healthcare professionals and patients to best practice guidelines, so critical improvements need to be made to the drawing up of these guidelines.
  • This is why the Heart Failure Guidelines Forum was created as a TMA mission area.


TMA Program

  • Identification of the unmet need
  • Need assessment
  • Drawing up of a forum objectives list
  • Definition and recruitment of the appropriate faculty
  • Creation of the forum agenda
  • Program for contracting of grantors
  • Forum organization and management
  • Use and dissemination of forum scientific content (education, advocacy)



  • TMA is organizing the fourth Heart Failure Guidelines Forum in 2016 with 25+ industrial grant providers attending.