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Heart Failure Guidelines Forum October 14 & 15 2019 – 7th edition

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Why a Heart Failure Guidelines Closed Forum?

The objective is to better understand the existing Heart Failure guidelines development process and its implications in clinical practice. It is not to develop new guidelines, but to gather a multidisciplinary panel of leading international experts to discuss the latest evidence, ongoing research and controversial issues that have implications for the development of clinical practice guidelines.

The quality of research and development efforts made by manufacturers of pharmacological agents, biomarkers, and medical devices has obviously had a major impact on the position of these products in clinical guidelines on the management of heart failure. Conversely, the success and failure stories that inevitably accompany the release of new guidelines may be a source of inspiration for further research and development. And, ultimately, guidelines really shape clinical practice if doctors and their patients adopt them.

A better understanding of the processes involved in guidelines development will help companies that develop drugs, biomarkers, and devices to adapt and improve their research and development programmes for the future. This could also translate into earlier and more efficient development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for patients.

Scientific Program

How do guideliners deal with the available evidence and what are their expectations in this respect? What criteria must a product or an intervention meet to be recommended by heart failure guidelines? What are the most frequent reasons for failure? Why may guidelines of geographically distinct origins but dealing with the same evidence occasionally reach different conclusions? What should be done to avoid that guidelines being lost in translation?

Speakers and discussants who will address these topics have been selected from among the top-level European experts in cardiology who participate in the regular update of guidelines. The faculty also comprises clinicians with a strong interest in translational and patient-centered medicine.

The Heart Failure Guidelines Close Forum will be strictly academic – meaning that attendees will not participate during the main sessions and discussions. However, they will be able to transmit written questions to the faculty.

Without any doubt, the Heart Failure Guidelines Close Forum is a rare opportunity.

Don’t miss it!


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  • TMA proposes three levels of potential sponsorship for this FORUM:
  1. Platinum Sponsorship: Up to 5 attendees at the Forum; acknowledgment at the Forum as Platinum Sponsor; 1 case based discussion during the Forum, Video highlights disseminated to 5 000 healthcare providers,1 Satellite Symposium at 2018 major meeting to disseminate the conclusions of the Forum: 150 K€.
  2. Gold sponsor: Up to 5 attendees at the Forum, recognition as Gold Sponsor, 2 case based discussions during the forum, video highlights disseminated to 5 000 healthcare providers: 50 K€.
  3. Silver sponsor: Up to 3 attendees at the Forum, recognition as Silver Sponsor, 1 case based discussion during the Forum healthcare providers with logo: 25 K€.
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Le Saint Paul

29 Boulevard Franck Pilatte – NICE


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 Case based discussion

Support of a specific case based discussion (two experts from the faculty) during plenary session: 15,000 €.

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October 14 2019


Start: 14 October 2019
End: 15 October 2019
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29 Boulevard Franck Pilatte
Nice, France

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