Kirkwood F. ADAMS

KFA Picture Guideline Forum 2022

Kirkwood F. Adams

Kirkwood F. Adams Jr., M.D., is Associate Professor of Medicine and Radiology in the Division of Cardiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he founded and for many years directed the UNC Heart Failure Program and served as the first transplant cardiologist for two decades, helping to establish this treatment at UNC. Dr. Adams has been involved in more than 135 completed grant- and industry-funded research projects, and he is currently leading or participating in seven drug development trials, several registry and database studies, and continues to be involved in NIH/NHLBI-funded trials. Dr. Adams is the principal investigator for the national multicenter database group, UNITE-HF, which focuses on registries of patients with heart failure. He has published more than 200 manuscripts in refereed journals and more than 150 abstracts. Dr. Adams served as chair of the Guidelines/Clinical Positions Committee of the Heart Failure Society of America from 1996 to 2006 and is a past member of the Executive Council of this society.

In addition to drug development for acute and chronic heart failure, his current research interests are focused on personalized medicine with ongoing work related to novel biomarkers for heart failure, pharmacogenomics of heart failure therapeutics, and biomarker guided therapy for improving outcomes in CHF.