Lipids and CV risks questionnaire for industry

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) due to atherosclerosis of the arterial vessel wall and to thrombosis is the foremost cause of premature mortality in Europe, US, and is also increasingly common in developing countries. Prevention and treatment of dyslipidemias should always be considered within the broader framework of CVD prevention.
Different national guidelines for dyslipidemias exist in Europe and US, regularly updated, but not always known and implemented or used by physicians and patients.
A better understanding of the processes involved in guidelines development and implementation will help companies that develop drugs, biomarkers or devices, to adapt and improve their research and development programs for the future. This could also translate into earlier and more efficient development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for patients.
TMA is organizing soon the Guideline Forum on Lipids with the aim to gather a multidisciplinary panel of leading international experts to discuss the latest evidence, ongoing research and controversial issues that have implications for clinical practice and guideline development.
At the end of the meeting, all participants (guidelines developers, regulatory agencies, companies) will have a better understanding of the unmet needs and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed by future research and development efforts, and of the most appropriate ways of progressing to conciliate and take advantage of clinical, societal, evidence-based and translational medicine and regulatory requirements.

In order to fine-tune the agenda of this meeting, so that it also meets the expectations of participants, TMA propose you to answer the following questionnaire. It will take you less than 5 min to fill in, and for every filled questionnaire, TMA promises to pay one euro, on your behalf, to a local patient association.
This questionnaire is anonymous and you will have the opportunity to consult the results of this survey on-line very soon.

TMA thanks you for your help!