Mission Areas

The Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) works on developing awareness of Unmet Healthcare Needs through Research, Education, and Advocacy programs, with the support of leaders in medical areas and the development of Critical Mission Areas in its annual Plan, funded by grants from scientific organizations and industrial caregivers.

Awareness of unmet medical needs 

TMA provides stakeholders with evidence of unmet healthcare needs and helps organizations successfully develop their strategies to promote awareness of these needs.

TMA focuses its activities on Critical Mission Areas® of high public health importance with significant and documented professional and patient educational gaps.

TMA offers Evidence-Based assessments of medical needs in therapeutic approaches. It defines medical reflections in the form of forums, meetings, … to discuss, exchange, and formulate approaches to today’s therapeutic shortcomings. It develops educational programs to improve understanding and knowledge of unmet medical needs, as well as developing advocacy programs integrating notions of the approach to the patient and treatment options.

TMA develops these programs with key opinion leaders working in specific medical fields and with experts in medical practice and research, with a view to finding solutions within the translational medicine paradigm and deliver them to patients.

TMA Mission areas:



  • Creates comprehensive medical education programs
  • Plans development and roll-out of publications
  • Organizes events and participates in congresses

Key Opinion Leader Development

  • Mapping out which leaders and organizations to involve at each level and phase
  • Developing a dissemination plan to cascade messages through the influence pyramid