Prof. Paul Thompson

Prof. Paul Thompson

 MD, FACC, FAHA, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

Chief of Cardiology, Hartford Hospital

Physician Co-Director, Hartford Healthcare Heart & Vascular Institute


Paul D. Thompson, M.D., graduated from Tufts College and Tufts Medical School.  He served as a medical intern and resident, as well as a cardiology catheterization fellow, at Tufts New England Medical Center and completed his training in cardiology at Stanford Medical Center.

Dr. Thompson is Chief of Cardiology at Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT and Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut.  He has authored over 400 scientific articles on topics which include: the effects of exercise training on preventing and treating heart disease, the cardiovascular risks of vigorous exercise, the effects of exercise on lipid metabolism, the effects of statins on skeletal muscle, and genetic factors affecting the exercise response.  The NIH has supported several of these projects including: the Preventive Cardiology Academic Award; Lipoproteins in Active Men: Role of Exercise & Diet; the Effects of Testosterone on Endothelial Function;  Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Human Muscle Size and Strength (FAMuSS); and the Effects of Statins on Skeletal Muscle Function (STOMP).  Dr. Thompson is the Editor of the book, Exercise and Sports Cardiology.  He is a Past President of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Thompson’s research and clinical interests in exercise originate from his personal interest in distance running. He qualified for the 1972 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and finished 16th in the Boston Marathon in 1976.

He has four children, twin daughters, Meredith and Christina, sons Alexander and Matthew plus four grandsons and two grand-daughters.