Heart Failure Guidelines Forum October 14 & 15 2019 – 7th edition

October 14 2019
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29 Boulevard Franck Pilatte
Nice, France

Heart Failure guideline forum education

Heart Failure guidelines forum videos

Listen to prof Seferovic, HFA President, as he discusses why guidelines are so important for all stakeholders. Filmed in Nice during the Heart Failure guideline forum 2018″

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The Heart Failure guideline forum plays a key role in education about the guidelines. Prof McDonagh explains here the role that guidelines play.

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Prof Stefan Anker, chair of the Heart Failure guideline forum, shares with us the highlight of the 2018 heart Failure guideline forum in Nice (October 15-16, 2018). Join us for 2019 edition!”

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La gestion de cabinet au cœur du parcours de soins : Sondage

L’e-santé pour un circuit santé facilité A l’aire du digital et alors que l’amélioration du circuit santé est au cœur de nombreuses préoccupations, TMA s’intéresse au domaine de l’e-santé et aux besoins non résolus du système santé. Comment rapprocher les professionnels de santé impliqués dans le parcours de soin, comment faciliter l’échange et le suivi […]

Get a look at the Heart failure Guidelines Forum 2016’s program

Check out our previous HFGF event here Why a Heart Failure Guidelines Closed Forum? The quality of research and development efforts made by manufacturers of pharmacological agents, biomarkers, and medical devices has obviously had a major impact on the position of these products in clinical guidelines on the management of heart failure. Conversely, the success and […]

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Participate in the Lipid Analysis course organized by Mylnefield Lipid Analysis. Annually held in Dundee, this course will take place this year in february.   Fatty Acids and Lipids – Chemistry and Analysis Course (2017) JHL announce that the 2017 “Fatty Acids and Lipids – Chemistry, Biology and Analysis Course”, will take place 23rd – 24th […]