Yuhui Zhang


Professor Yuhui Zhang, Chief Physician, PH.D. Supervisor

Yuhui Zhang

Major position:

  • Deputy Director, Heart Failure Center, Fuwai Hospital; Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CAMS); Peking Union Medical College; National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases (NCCD)
  • Secretary-general of National Heart Failure Committee of NCCD
  • Director-General of Heart Failure Association Committee, Chinese Medical Doctor Association(CMDA)
  • Secretary-general of Expert Working Group on Heart Failure, Committee of National Center for Quality Control of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Secretary-general of Chinese Heart Failure Association and China National Heart Failure Society
  • Secretary-general of China International Heart Failure Congress and Heart Failure Forum of China Heart Congress
  • Vice Director, Heart Failure Group, CSC
  • International Advisor: JACC: CadioOncology
  • Member of the standing committee, Integrated oncology cardiology of Chinese anti-cancer association
  • Member of the standing committee, Oncology cardiology professional committee of cardiovascular physicians branch of CMA
  • Deputy chairman of Chinese society of gerontology and geriatrics society oncology cardiology expert committee
  • Member of Expert Committee on Oncological Cardiology, Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology(CSCO)
  • Editorial director & deputy editor, Chinese Journal of Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy
  • International Editorial board of Heart failure reviews
  • 2019 honorary title of “National Famous Doctor · Young Talent”



Major academic achievements:

  • Professor Yuhui Zhang visited and studied cardio-oncology and heart failure in Penn University Medical College for one year in 2014, Obtained the training certificate of heart failure and heart transplantation center of Penn University Medical College
  • Participated in over ten international clinical trials, including the studies of Ascend HF, Paradigm HF, Paragon HF, Victoria (country lead), Relax, GALACTIC, Istaroxime,,and Emperial HF (country lead); Leading Fuwai PI of several domestic and international Phase II-IV clinical trials
  • Published over 20 papers in international journals including JACC, EHJ, EJHF, CIRCULATION, NATURE COMMUNICATION, etc., covering areas of both basic biological research and clinical studies
  • Chief co-author of China Heart Failure Management Guideline 2014
  • Corresponding author for China Guideline for primary care of Chronic Heart Failure 2019 & China Guideline for primary care of Acute Heart Failure Guidelines 2019
  • Presided over The Youth Foundation of PUMC Institute and the Youth Foundation and the surface fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the National Thirteenth Five-Year Subproject. Independently responsible or as the subject of specific implementation of the experts responsible for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, thirteenth five-year plan, the country’s natural surface projects and more than 20 domestic and international cooperation topics.